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I’m Wanda Phipps and this is MIND HONEY a place for all my favorite things, things that sweeten the mind and tickle the fancy.

First, here’s a general introduction: I’m a poet, freelance writer, dramaturg, translator as well as a voiceover talent and sometimes singer/songwriter.

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So happy to announce:

My new book is out from Autonomedia Books

Mind Honey Cover-final

Mind Honey

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“In Wanda Phipps’ new collection we find city poems, desire poems, spirit poems; we walk streets and wait for trains—Rimbaud, Jesus, vampires, the Buddha; we embrace bodies, we are wanted, we are sexy, we are rejected, we are loved; and we are uplifted, by ritual, by communion, by days, nights, work, the blues. Here is a poetry of language, style, being, that is urban, witty, critically conscious of the world, self, humanity. These poems are beautiful. Very beautiful. Mind Honey feeds the reader and, never sated, we are restored. Poetry and life.”

— Mark Statman, author of Exile Home (Lavender Ink)

Thanks to the wonderful Don Yorty for featuring my work on his blog Don Yorty Explorations

(a video of one of my readings, text of poems plus commentary by Don)

Link to full blog entry here:

Don Yorty Explorations: Wanda Phipps reads at KGB

Or just check out the video below:

I contributed text and voiceover for this clip from “There But Not There,” Lisa Karrer’s City College of New York Masters of Fine Arts program project.

This is what she said about working with me:

I’m happy to recommend Wanda Phipps as an expert voiceover artist, actor and writer. Wanda recently visited my studio and recorded a voice track for one of my live interdisciplinary performance projects. We had a wonderful session. She takes direction well, has good instincts and brings out the best in the text. Her voice is versatile, with a natural believability and an emotional range that suited itself to my artistic needs. Wanda also contributed and recorded a selection of her own original writing, which was a great fit for the developing theme of my project.

– Lisa Karrer, Director, Videographer and Interdisciplinary Performance Artist

Here I am at La MaMa Theatre’s Poetry Electric Series, NYC, accompanied by guitarist Marc Sloan

Check out the video below of my reading my poem from the latest issue of Sensitive Skin Magazine.

Go to the Sensitive Skin Magazine website to see/hear the other readers too.

Here is a video of my reading at the Openned Series at The Foundry in London.

Curated by Stephen Willey and David Alexander Davies Camerawork by Stephen Willey. 

And this is my second full-length book:

F.O.W. cover on BlazeVOX (larger)

Field of Wanting: Poems of Desire

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And my first full-length book is now an Amazon Kindle book

 (downloadable also for mac laptop, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, blackberry and Android):

Wake-Up Calls Cover-larger

Wake-Up Calls: 66 Morning Poems

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