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Mind Honey

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“In Wanda Phipps’ new collection we find city poems, desire poems, spirit poems; we walk streets and wait for trains—Rimbaud, Jesus, vampires, the Buddha; we embrace bodies, we are wanted, we are sexy, we are rejected, we are loved; and we are uplifted, by ritual, by communion, by days, nights, work, the blues. Here is a poetry of language, style, being, that is urban, witty, critically conscious of the world, self, humanity. These poems are beautiful. Very beautiful. Mind Honey feeds the reader and, never sated, we are restored. Poetry and life.”

– Mark Statman, author of Exile Home (Lavender Ink)





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Field of Wanting: Poems of Desire

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142 pages of poems on the theme of desire!
$16.00 To buy now go to: BlazeVOX[books]

Wanda Phipps’s poetry is so unexpected, it often startles me. In Field of Wanting, she uses devices I’ve seen before, but never this way. Her voice is as unique as her approach to the poems. And, as always, her honesty is refreshing and uniquely personal. It is, simply, poetry you will find nowhere else. Give it a chance and it will seduce you with its clarity and originality. More a voice singing in the rain than crying in the wilderness, even if the rain is sometimes blood red.

– Michael Lally, author of March 18, 2003: A Poem for Peace

Field of Wanting is a charged, radically honest book of poems by a writer/performer who intervenes on many fields of desire with zest and panache. She tells it like it is, with wit and a touch of irony.

–Anne Waldman, author of Fast Speaking Woman and Outrider: Essays, Poems, Interviews


Wake-Up Calls Cover-larger  Wake-Up Calls: 66 Morning Poems by Wanda Phipps
My first book is now an Amazon Kindle book downloadable also for mac laptop, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, blackberry and Android.  $9.99 To buy now go to: Amazon
Over the course of several months, Wanda Phipps composed a poem each morning after she awoke. Wake-Up Calls collects the best from her poem-a-day experiment. She investigates the hypnogogic state, that weird and wonderful place that holds bits of dreams of the night before, recent and not so recent memories, and subtle visions for the future. In many, she wakes feeling fresh-faced and dreamy, in others her voice rings raw and sexy, cranky or disappointed, confused or amused. Like much of her work they deal with desire, sensation, female energy, and the visceral nature of language. Poetic influences including Ezra Pound, Emily Dickinson, Robert Creeley, and Mitch Highfill may be traced here, and are complemented by appearances of pop-culture figures such as Sigourney Weaver, Ann Margaret, and the Velvet Underground. Phipps’s work emanates a sincerity and directness that is all too rare in our current age of irony.


How pleasant to be let in on a young woman’s mornings as she leaves behind the night and finds her way into a new day! Sometimes she’s still full of dreams and/or vodka or some mysterious honeycomb leaving behind its sweetness as it flees, and sometimes she’s preternaturally lucid and filled with resolve. The days stretch before her hopeful and intriguing and fetchingly unknown. Wanda Phipps’s poems restored the world briefly into the unbearable longing and clarity of youth, and this old grump wept. Very tonic, very lovely, poetry, definitely.
—Andrei Codrescu, author of it was today: new poems

Wanda Phipps’s new book gracefully navigates an expedition through interrupted dreams, soft-focus adventures and the rush hour that often occurs between four walls. Slightly hazy, sometimes hormonal, these poems entice the reader into imagining what’s really going on–between the lines. A truly beautiful and inspiring work.
—Gillian McCain, coauthor of Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk

Wanda Phipps, who’s written 66 direct poems on mornings in the tradition of chinese classical poetry, the poetry of everyday life, reminds me that as an anarchist I will miss my kidnaper. I also learned that her boyfriend has a purple haze manic panic streak. now you have poems to read for 66 mornings; after that you’ll have to write them, and, in the best tradition, Wanda teaches you how. Brava!
—Bernadette Mayer

Wanda Phipps’s series of poems is an extended meditation on what it feels like to be herself in the first light of day. As the catalyst, she writes, ‘for everyone but myself,’ she is by turns insatiable, hungover, hung-up, elusive, unguarded, wistful, and in love with everything. Reading this book is like getting a wake-up call from the beyond. All the fleeting early morning side trips are preserved here forever.
—Lewis Warsh

She has the dubious distinction of being my favorite poet. She can walk the walk and talk the talk and that’s no cakewalk.
—Todd Colby, author of Riot in the Charm Factory and Tremble & Shine


Zither Mood by Wanda Phipps

A Faux Press CD-Rom

Poems and vocals by Wanda Phipps with films by Joel Schlemowitz and music by Joel Schlemowitz, Gary Lucas, Bradford Reed, Andrea Urist and Hiroshi Noguchi  $19.95 To buy now go to:

(Faux Press)

Over 70 pages of texts, audio poems, poetry and music, plus film! ZITHER MOOD includes three skillful collaborations between Phipps and filmmaker Joel Schlemowitz. Phipps layers her lyrics with imagery from live description, memory and dreams, a “poetry you can dance to,” according to Michael Rothenberg. Urbane and often sexy, ZITHER MOOD cuts sly and playful deals between love and a hard place, textured with honest miscommunications and deliberate mishearings.  “Poems that make you feel as if you are in a pyramid of honey of the mind.”
—Lee Ann Brown                           
“…a new horizon, a lost highway, an open door, a shooting star.”
—Lewis Warsh”Powerful works!”
—Andrei Codrescu
Your Last Illusion or Break Up Sonnets
by Wanda Phipps   
A chapbook of nineteen inter-connected sonnets (inspired by the sonnets of Ted Berrigan.  To Buy Now: Go to Or Send check for $6.00 plus shipping & handling to:Situations
c/o SoHo Letterpress
71 Greene Street
New York, NY 10012


Here’s a sonnet from the book:    


liberation day comes
April is the month of best sex
smile now feel the energy focused
a planet is an active window
for easiest Sunday ease
drink Irish coffee at 4 a.m.
seeing wasteful lines of worry
in the dark blue mind mirror
breakthrough happens in a green
suddenness          conceptual sandblast
on a stubborn issue
what a difference a pronoun makes
in waking nice and easy
a place to savor

The Portable Boog Reader
Includes morning poem #10 by Wanda Phipps.

To Buy Now: Go to  or e-mail for more info.                          
(BOOG Literature)


This is the Boog-iest book on the subject.
—Lawrence Ferlinghetti


73 poets, 28 days. The Portable Boog Reader is an instant anthology of New York City poetry with new work from Anselm Berrigan, Lee Ann Brown, Neal Climenhaga, Brenda Coultas, Jordan Davis, Katie Degentesh, Ethan Fugate, Laird Hunt, Lisa Jarnot, Richard Loranger, Eileen Myles, Wanda Phipps, Chris Stroffolino, Edwin Torres, and John Wright, among others.

Move over all you antiquated Beat wannabes, for The Portable Beat Reader has arrived like a ten-ton Louisville Slugger smacking a home run with its sterling poetry and fresh vision. Clearly the best anthology of underground voices to be compiled in years.
— Douglas Brinkley, director of the Eisenhower Center for American Studies
and Professor of History at the University of New Orleans, and editor of
Hunter S. Thompson’s The Proud Highway and Fear and Loathing in America.

Buy it Now! Verses That Hurt:
Pleasure and Pain from the Poemfone Poets

Includes the following poems by Wanda Phipps: This is an angry poem, Zither Mood, shapeshifter, Gray Fox Woman,and Mail Poems.
(St. Martin’s Press)


This anthology crackles with irreverent energy, defiant audacity, and sybaritic sexuality. A diverse anthology of 26 of the hippest and hottest new poets since the Beat Generation, Verses That Hurt contains works from such noted Beat poets as Allen Ginsberg and John Giorno to the voices of a new generation: Hal Sirowitz, Lee Ranaldo, Todd Colby, Edwin Torres, and others. 24 b&w photos throughout.
— Review


Masquerading simply as a collection of wonderful, accessible poems, this book rates a place at the top of the anthology ladder because it is the first major work to lay out the perf-po/spoken word aesthetic nakedly on the page and say, read for yourself. This is poetry that works.
—Bob Holman of

State of the Union 2001 CD
 Includes the text and sound piece Desire
by Wanda Phipps and Joel Schlemowitz
$33.00 To buy now go to: Electronic Music Foundation 
or e-mail Electronic Music Foundation for more info.


This amazing 3-CD set of contemporary sound and text-based music may be just what you need to live a full life. Elliott Sharp set aside his sax and guitar to collect one-minute music and sound works by 171 leading lights of the international avant-garde, both famous and unknown, that represent a vast array of approaches, attitudes, aesthetics, ethnicities, musical styles, and social persuasions. He describes the collection as “concrete, abstract, enraged, objective, caustic, soulful, sardonic, provocative — all unfiltered, all clear.” It’s more than that. It’s totally enjoyable. Unmissable. A bandwagon you should get on without missing a beat.    

Play State of the Union 2.001 on Random Shuffle!

The composers include: Wanda Phipps, Angela Babin Black Sifichi (w/Bart Plantenga), Bob Holman, Christian Marclay, Dael Orlandersmith, Dave Soldier and Richard Lair, David First, David Gans, Debra DeSalvo, Emily XYZ and Virgil Moorefield, Eric Mingus, Eszter Balint, Foetus, Fred Frith, Harriet Tubman, Harry Smith, Ikue Mori, Jack Womack, Jacob Burckhardt, Jad Fair, Jenn Reeves, Joey Baron, Judy Nylon and Brian Foster, Lo Galluccio, Loren Mazzacane Connors, Todd Colby and Love Todd, Marc Ribot, Matthew Shipp, Merry Fortune w/FAT, Murat Nehmet-Nejat, Pete Missing, Phill Niblock, Phillip Johnston Transparent Quartet, Queen Esther, ReproRappers, Stephen Vitiello, Steve Dalachinsky, Tom Devaney, Tracie Morris, Zeena Parkins, Z’ev, Zbigniew Karkowski, Zoot Horn Rollo and others.

   papertiger: new world poetry #01Includes morning poem #40, and Woman Among Us by Wanda Phipps
with music by Joel Schlemowitz, Hiroshi Noguchi, and Andrea Urist. 
To buy now go to: papertigerstore
 (papertiger media)


Publishing the best new poetry from over fifty established and emerging poets from Australia and around the world, papertiger aims to combine the most appealing elements of both print and online publications by delivering a diverse blend of text, audio and video poetry on CD-ROM. Edited by Paul Hardacre.    

New poetry from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, USA, United Kingdom, China, the Philippines: Peter Goldsworthy, Ouyang Yu, Lidija Simkute, David Wheatley, Chris Wallace-Crabbe, Mark Pirie, Larry Sawyer, Marjorie Evasco, MTC Cronin, Gwynne Garfinkle, Michael Rothenberg, Laura Joy Lustig, David Fujino, John B. Lee, Ian McBryde, Nagata Koi, Rob Riel, Alison Daniel, Yi Sha, Michael Farrell, Kijima Hajime, John West, Lisa Jacobson, Zhang Zixuan, Red Slider, Patricia Sykes + more

Audio: Michele Leggott, Wanda Phipps, Mike Ladd

Video: From the Chicago collection of Kurt Heintz – Quraysh Ali Lansana, Patricia Smith

papertiger is an original and dynamic project whose international focus promises an eclectic and stimulating mix.
—David Wheatley

papertiger…is at once ambitious and visionary.
—Dr. Simon Patton

A brave and elegant new addition to the Australian literary pantheon.
—Ian McBryde

papertiger has made literature accessible to a wider variety of PC users, not just fans of the e-zine culture.
—Richard Hillman

Buy it Now!
New Word Order CDIncludes Heaven & Earth by Wanda Phipps
with slide guitar by Christian X. Hunter.


In New York City, the poets have record deals. A vibrant…community exists with a strong support structure, some facets of which, such as the Poemfone telephone service, are engaging …. This compilation is a “best of” the hotline’s first year and a half, when a different poet “hosted” the line each month, leaving a three-minute poem daily on an answering machine. (Callers can respond at the tone.) What’s surprising is how listenable the whole thing is…. The recognizable names here acquit themselves honorably (it’s nice to hear John S. Hall and M. Doughty separated from their respective bands) but some of the best cuts are from poets whom a cretin such as myself would label “no-names.” …. All told, this is an enjoyable document that might have a skeptic or two banging bongos in a coffee shop soon.



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Midwinter Day
by Bernadette Mayer Bernadette Mayer’s Midwinter Day is my favorite book. In alternating sections of prose and poetry it details the events of a single day in the life of an extraordinary woman. We’re with her from the early morning retelling of the past night’s dreams to the return to bed that evening inviting more night visions and everything in between. An amazingly beautiful book! 
The Bernadette Mayer Reader
Check this out for a sampling of more of her work.      
The Teachers & Writers Handbook of Poetic Forms
Edited by Ron Padgett 
An excellent reference book. All entries are written by poets with tons of examples of each form. Also includes many non-western forms for an antsy poet to play with.      

Buy it Now!
Haunted Houses
by Lynne Tillman This is one of my favorite works of fiction. Everyone should read it. 

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