All About the World of Wanda


Bringing the power of the written word to life…

smart yet sweet, youthful yet trustworthy…

Listen to this DEMO:

A voice that’s friendly, compassionate, and warm.
​Ranging from playful and enthusiastic to straightforward and unpretentious.


Wanda contributed text and voiceover for this clip from Lisa Karrer’s  “There But Not There” 


I’m happy to recommend Wanda Phipps as an expert voiceover artist, actor and writer. Wanda recently visited my studio and recorded a voice track for one of my live interdisciplinary performance projects. We had a wonderful session. She takes direction well, has good instincts and brings out the best in the text. Her voice is versatile, with a natural believability and an emotional range that suited itself to my artistic needs. Wanda also contributed and recorded a selection of her own original writing, which was a great fit for the developing theme of my project.
– Lisa Karrer, Director, Videographer and Interdisciplinary Performance Artist

Wanda’s experience performing her creative writing live across the U.S. and internationally, as well as on radio, TV and CD, informs and enhances her ability to bring your copy to life.

Need a voiceover artist? Contact Wanda at

Edge Studio. Voice Over Training, Demo Scripts, Classes, Voice Over Jobs


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